Athletic Training Medical Forms

All student-athletes who intend on participating in intercollegiate athletics at Concordia University Wisconsin must complete medical forms every year. These are now completed online using The Athletic Trainer System® (ATS).

What you need to know:

  • NEW student-athletes to CUW (Freshman/Transfers) will need a Physical Exam. 
  • RETURNING student-athletes will not.
  • ALL student-athletes will need to review both medical packets.
  • This process, in full, must be completed before August 1st
  • You will find 2 medical packets below:
    -- Medical Packet 1: Mandatory education, MUST read
    -- Medical Packet 2: Step by step instructions for completing online submission

Medical Packet 1 - informational MUST READ

Medical Packet 2 - NEW Student-Athletes (Freshman/Transfer)
Medical Packet 2 - RETURNING Student-Athletes

Mandatory Concussion Education
NCAA Concussion Education
NCAA Concussion video
CUW Athletic Training Concussion Management Plan
Additional Concussion Resources from the NCAA

ADD/ADHD Reporting Form and Information (For those student-athletes that apply)
NCAA Medical Exception Documentation Reporting Form (ADHD) (Required for all student-athletes taking ADHD medication. See Medical Exceptions Policy Explanation below for more information.)
NCAA Medical Exceptions Policy Explanation (ADHD)

Supplemental Resources 
NCAA Sickle Cell Trait Education
NCAA Sickle Cell Trait video
Newborn Screening National Database (Sickle Cell Trait Results)
NCAA Banned Drugs Information (organization: NCAA III password: ncaa3 -- NCAA partner for banned substance resources)
Dietary Supplement Safety
Visiting Team Information

Please direct any questions regarding Athletic Training to:
Angela Steffen
Director of Sports Medicine
Concordia University Wisconsin
262-243-4537 office
262-243-2969 fax

Angela Steffen Trevor Folker   Mitch Mleziva
Director of Sports Medicine Athletic Trainer   Athletic Trainer
262-243-4537 (e-mail)  262-243-2057 (e-mail)  262-243-2131 (e-mail)
Keith Owsley Callie Radovich  Mariah Giesseman 
 Athletic Trainer  Athletic Trainer Athletic Trainer 
 262-243-2129 (e-mail)  262-243-2056 (e-mail)  262-243-2147 (e-mail)
  Jaymie Barrett Dan Sabin 

  Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer  Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer 
  262-243-2682 (email  262-243-2641 (email)
Dr. Todd Swenson Dr. Mark Niedfeldt Dr. Darren Werner
Medical Director, Team Physician  Team Physician  Team Chiropractor 
Dr. Jennifer Abraham    
Team Dentist