Football reaches semester academic goal

MEQUON, Wis. – Concordia University Wisconsin's football team has many performance goals for the gridiron, but it recently achieved a much more important goal off the field. The Falcons attained a team grade point average of 3.0 for the second semester of the 2011-12 academic year.

"CUW's student-athletes are here to get a degree and excel in academics, first and foremost," head coach Greg Etter said. "I am proud of the efforts of our football student-athletes and their results in the classroom reflect their dedication to being a complete student-athlete."

Below is a list of football student-athletes who achieved a grade point average of 3.0 and higher. The year listed is their year in school as a student, not as a student-athlete.

Yr. Semester GPA Academic Major
Ryan Smith JR 4.0 Accounting
Joseph Paul JR 3.93 English-Secondary Education
Richard Ellis FR 3.85 Justice & Public Policy
Scott Baran SR 3.81 Finance
Garett Nekolny JR 3.73 Justice & Public Policy
David Hodorowski SO 3.72 Accounting
Austin Damaschke SO 3.71 Biomedical Sciences
Derek Rehfeldt SR 3.67 Justice & Public Policy
John Palese SR 3.67 Justice & Public Policy
James Enters JR 3.67 Justice & Public Policy
Brent Bhirdo SR 3.67 Nursing
Cody Johnson SO 3.6 Justice & Public Policy
Matthew Lechler SR 3.58 Business Communication
Peter Morton SO 3.54 Justice & Public Policy
Michael Erdman SR 3.53 Management
Michael Cottonaro SO 3.51 Pre-Pharmacy
Spencer Polacek SR 3.5 Biology
Christopher Greenwood SR 3.45 Physical Education K-12
Brandon Schider SO 3.42 Justice & Public Policy
Vincent Greefkes SR 3.4 Management
Patrick Czerwiec SR 3.4 Physical Education K-12
Brandon Martin FR 3.4 Liberal Arts
Brett Waldorf SO 3.4 General Business
Austin Wellhousen FR 3.39 Bible Language Translations/Missions
Dylan Krivoshein SO 3.39 Accounting
Matthew Upson JR 3.38 Elementary Education
Uzziel McDermit SO 3.38 Undeclared
Burke Dupuis SO 3.38 Biology
William Goodman JR 3.36 General Business
Malcolm Bowers FR 3.31 Undeclared
Christian Ellis FR 3.31 History-Secondary Education
Benjamin Bobowski SR 3.29 Elementary Education
Jason Gensrick SO 3.28 Marketing
Nicholas Smith SO 3.27 Computer Science
Kevin Wachowiak SR 3.25 Athletic Training
Matthew Brueser SO 3.25 Justice & Public Policy
Joseph Moro SR 3.22 Mathematics-Secondary Education
Logan Miller JR 3.2 Justice & Public Policy
Ryan Owen SO 3.19 Psychology
John Kugler FR 3.19 Athletic Training
Taylor Witty SO 3.17 Broad Field Social Studies
Brett Toseland JR 3.17 Sport and Recreation Management
Ryan Zaporski SR 3.1 Exercise Physiology
Sean Jones SO 3.09 Justice & Public Policy
Joshua Malkowski FR 3.08 Undeclared
Carlton Nolen SR 3.07 Justice & Public Policy
Daniel Peterson SR 3.06 Athletic Training
Joshua Hoffmann SO 3.06 English-Secondary Education
Deonte Bell FR 3.06 Justice & Public Policy
David Gonzalez SO 3.06 Athletic Training
Colin Moon SO 3.02 Actuarial Science
Ryan Schwartzberg SR 3.0 Justice & Public Policy
Alex Verboncouer JR 3.0 Sport and Recreation Management