Men’s Basketball Playoff Scenarios


The Falcon men's basketball team (15-0) travels to Edgewood (12-3) tonight to end their regular season. They will then play a crossover game on Saturday night which is essentially meaningless in terms of conference standings or seedings. CUW is already the NAC North Champion.

Concordia will be the #1 seed regardless of the results of either tonight's or Saturday's game, but we won't know officially until Friday morning whether CUW will be competing at home Saturday night for that crossover game.

All depends on whether Benedictine wins their two remaining games and/or MSOE loses their final game. Since Concordia has already hosted Benedictine in the regular-season, league rules state that the Eagles would host the Falcons in the challenge game in spite of CUW's superior record.

Being that MSOE has already hosted Concordia in the regular-season, league rules state that the Falcons would host if those two teams met in the Challenge game.

Shawn Cassidy's team will definitely be home next Wednesday in a #1 vs. #8 matchup and will also be home Friday (semi-finals) if they win that game. The same is true for next Saturday in the NAC Championship game.