Coaches Corner

Looking into 2011 Spring and Fall:

The good news is that we have a real core of very good golfers. As we mature, it will pay dividends. In the Spring we hope to get back full-time Michael Phung (a tournament level player), Jon Wengel (a top level Division III competitor), and maybe Anthony Gonzales (a golfer with potential). We were lucky to pick up Graylyn Douglas and Adam Doomas. Both have the potential to help our team. William Matt is focusing on his game and also hopes to contribute.

We are finally in the position to make a move in the Conference. All of us have gained valuable experience. We know we have the potential to compete at the highest level. The blocks are laid, the foundation is there, now we have to build the house. I truly believe we can. That will be our goal over the Winter. In Spring, I believe that we will significantly improve.