Segneri welcomed as tennis advocate by ITA

Segneri welcomed as tennis advocate by ITA


The Intercollegiate Tennis Association welcomed CUW Coach AJ Segneri as a tennis advocate to the College Tennis Advocacy Network.

The function of this governing body is to preserve and promote varsity college tennis at all levels and to encourage institutions to sponsor varsity college tennis.

This effort has led to numerous varsity men's and women's tennis programs that have been established in the past five to six years among all of the divisional levels.

The main vehicle to achieve this critical mission has been the USTA/ITA Advocacy Network, which is comprised of more than 2,500 individuals throughout the country, all of whom are devoted to varsity college tennis.

"I am happy to be a part of this network" said Coach Segneri. "Since 1930, 573 tennis programs across the United States have been dropped. This ranges from the community/junior college level to NCAA Division I. In Division III alone 76 men's and women's tennis programs have been dropped and 15 of those dropped programs were in the Midwest Section. We need to keep college tennis alive," he concluded.