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NCAA Regulations

For Prospective Student-Athletes

Concordia University Wisconsin competes at the NCAA Division III level and has 23 varsity sports (12 men, 11 women). Division III institutions have to sponsor at least five sports for men and five for women, with two team sports for each gender, and each playing season represented by each gender. There are minimum contest and participant minimums for each sport.

Division III athletics feature student-athletes who receive no financial aid related to their athletic ability and athletic departments are staffed and funded like any other department in the university. Division III athletics departments place special importance on the impact of athletics on the participants rather than on the spectators. The student-athlete's experience is of paramount concern. Division III athletics encourages participation by maximizing the number and variety of athletics opportunities available to students, placing primary emphasis on regional in-season and conference competition (source:

Prospective student-athletes and their families are invited to read the Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete, which is available on the NCAA website.


A prospective student-athlete is a person who has begun classes for the ninth grade.

In Division III, the NCAA does not allow off campus contact with a prospective student-athlete until that student has begun classes for the 12th grade. The student may visit the campus and talk with coaches before they begin classes for the 12th grade provided that contact takes place on the CUW campus and the prospect initiated the contact.

Individuals wishing to transfer from another Division III school must either complete a self-release form (available at or be released by their current institution in order to speak with a member of Concordia University Wisconsin staff. Individuals transferring from Division I, Division II or NAIA must be released by their current institution. More information is available in the NCAA Transfer Guide, which is available on the NCAA website.

For Fans of Concordia University Wisconsin Athletics

As a supporter of Concordia University Wisconsin, you have a lot of pride in our institution. You're proud of CUW's high academic standards, its adherence to values and the overall quality of Concordia University Wisconsin experience.

Chances are, you're also proud of the great athletic tradition as well. It's a tradition steeped in National Championships, All-Americans, conference crowns, memorable moments and tremendous fan support. But most importantly, Concordia University Wisconsin athletics has a long tradition of integrity. We all want to see the Falcons win, but at Concordia University Wisconsin it is most important to win the RIGHT way -- and that means following NCAA rules governing the recruitment and treatment of student athletes.

NCAA Bylaws pertaining to institutional representatives Once an individual is identified as an institutional representative, the person retains that identity indefinitely. A representative of the institution's athletics interests shall not make contact with the student-athlete of another four-year collegiate institution, directly or indirectly, without first obtaining the written permission of the first institution's athletic director to do so, regardless of who makes the initial contact.

NCAA Bylaws pertaining to extra benefits

16.01.4: A student-athlete may not accept money for unspecified or unitemized expenses from any organization or individual. A student-athlete may accept transportation and meal expenses in conjunction with participation in a luncheon meeting of a booster club or civic organization, provided the meeting occurs within a 30-mile radius of the institution's main campus and no tangible award is provided to the student-athlete. A student-athlete or the entire team in a sport may receive an OCCASIONAL family home meal from an institutional staff member or representative of the athletics interests if: a) the meal is provided in an individual's home (as opposed to a restaurant); b) meals are restricted to infrequent and special occasions; c) the institution (or a representative of its athletics interests) may provide transportation to student-athletes to attend the meal function as long as it is at the home of the institutional representative.

A student-athlete may not receive a special discount, payment arrangement or credit on purchase from an institutional employee or an athletic representative.

A member institution shall not permit individuals outside the institution to serve as "sponsors" or "families" for student-athletes who are enrolled in the institution, unless a sponsorship program exists to provide the same benefits and support service to all students at the institution.

What is an extra benefit?

An extra benefit would include provision of any transportation, meals, clothes, entertainment, preferential loan terms or other benefit offered to a student-athlete that is unavailable to the general student population.

A representative may not provide any such extra benefit to enrolled student-athletes or their families. Simply put, you may not treat a student-athlete any differently than a student who does not participate in athletics (i.e. sponsors and special discouts).

Thank you for your support of intercollegiate athletics. We ask for your cooperation in keeping Concordia University Wisconsin's tradition of athletic integrity intact. Your assistance also will insure the eligibility of both high school prospects and enrolled student-athletes.

Examples include:

· may not give cash or loans

· may not sign or co-sign a note with an outside agency

· may not employ relatives or friends as an inducement for enrollment of the prospect

· may not provide gifts of any kind - i.e. Birthday, Christmas, Valentines

· may not provide free services - i.e. dry cleaning, car repair, hair cuts, meals in restaurants

· may not provide special discounts – for goods and services

· may not provide use of an automobile

· may not provide hospitality in your home other than special occasions (Thanksgiving, Christmas)

· may not invite to summer home, boat etc.

· may not provide transportation i.e.; to airport, to job.

· may not provide guarantee of a bond

· may not provide promise of post graduate financial aid

· may not provide promise of post graduate employment

Reference Guide for Supporters and Friends of Falcon Athletics

Concordia University Wisconsin, as a member of the NCAA, is responsible for ensuring that various constituencies (i.e., University faculty, staff, student-athletes, alumni and friends) abide by the NCAA Rules and Regulations.

We appreciate the interest and support of all alumni, friends, students and supporters, and remind you that inappropriate contact or an inadvertent action on your part can jeopardize the eligibility of our student-athletes and prospects and compliance of the University with NCAA, NAC, MCHA, MLC, MWLC, NCHA and NWA regulations.

Please read this publication carefully and assist Concordia University Wisconsin in its commitment to integrity and compliance with the rules and regulations determined by the NCAA and WIAC.

This publication is designed to provide alumni and friends of Concordia University Wisconsin with an understanding of NCAA, NAC, MCHA, MLC, MWLC, NCHA and NWA rules and regulations governing the conduct of Concordia University Wisconsin athletic programs.


DO NOT provide a student-athlete or friends any benefit or special arrangement. The NCAA considers these as an "extra benefit" and they are specifically prohibited.

provide room and/or board or any type of transportation during the summer for a student-athlete with eligibility remaining.

provide room, board or transportation costs incurred by friends or family of an enrolled student-athlete to visit campus or attend an away contest.

provide funds to entertain student-athletes, their friends or relatives. You are not even permitted to buy a soda or a cup of coffee for them.

use the name or picture of an enrolled student-athlete to directly advertise, recommend or promote sales or use of a commercial product or service of any kind.

DO NOT provide any payment of expense, or loan of, any automobile for a student-athlete to return home or to any other location for ANY reason

DO NOT provide an award or gift to a student-athlete for his or her athletic performance. All awards must conform to NCAA regulations and must be approved by CUW.

provide an honorarium or gift to a student-athlete for a speaking engagement. Only necessary travel expenses can be given when speaking to educational or charitable groups. All speaking engagements must be approved in advance by the Athletic Department.

DO NOT allow a student-athlete, his or her friends or relatives to use your telephone to make free long distance calls.


DO feel free to invite a student-athlete to your home for a home cooked meal but only for a special occasion (i.e. Thanksgiving, birthday). Remember, the student-athlete must provide his/her own transportation.

DO feel free to invite a team for dinner or to meet with a group of alumni in a city where they are competing. The NCAA permits students-athletes AS A TEAM to receive special benefits not permitted to individuals. Arrangements for such events must be made in advance with the head coach or Athletic Department.


DO NOT employ or arrange for the employment of a prospective or enrolled student-athlete without checking first with the Concordia University Wisconsin Athletic Department. The Department is permitted to make arrangements for summer employment for prospects prior to enrollment as freshmen and to enrolled students during the summer and semester breaks.

DO NOT provide transportation for prospects or student-athletes in your employ unless transportation is provided for all other employees.


YOU CAN as a representative of the CUW athletic interests, at your own expense, transport or pay the cost of a prospect to visit the campus, one time, provided at your own expense you accompany the prospect to campus. The same recruiting restriction outlined by the NCAA and WIAC apply. This will count as an official visit and can include parents, relatives or friends of the prospect.

DO pay student-athletes employed by you only for work actually performed at a rate commensurate with the going rate for similar services in the community and your own business.


DO NOT become directly or indirectly involved in making arrangements for a prospect, the prospect's relatives or friends to receive money or financial aid of any kind.

DO NOT provide anything to or for a prospect, his/her relatives or friends, without first checking with the Athletic Department administration.

DO NOT make any contact with a prospect or the prospect's family, off campus, until the prospect has begun classes for the 12th grade. If a prospect that has not reached the 12th grade approaches you, off campus, regarding the athletic program, explain that NCAA rules do not permit you to discuss the program. Suggest that the prospect contact the head coach of the sport for information.

DO NOT provide room and/or board, transportation of any kind or any other benefit to a recruited student-athlete during the summer prior to enrollment for classes at Concordia University Wisconsin.

DO NOT entertain high school, prep school or community college COACHES at ANY time.

DO NOT provide tickets or transportation for high school, prep school or community college COACHES at any location. Only the Athletic Department can provide complimentary admissions and only to home athletic events for those coaches.

DO NOT entertain or provide tickets at no, or reduced cost to CUW's home or away athletic or non-athletic events for prospects, their relatives or friends. Only the Athletic Department can provide complimentary admissions to prospective student-athletes and only for HOME athletic events.

DO NOT contact an enrolled student-athlete at another institution for the purpose of encouraging transfer to Concordia University Wisconsin and participation in our athletic program.

DO NOT pay or offer to pay registration fees for summer sports camps for a prospect.

DO NOT contact the prospect's coach, principal or counselor for the purpose of evaluating the prospect. You are not permitted to pick up films or transcripts from the prospect's educational institution.


DO feel free to attend high school and community college athletic events. Please feel free to contact the coaching staff if you see a prospective student-athlete that would be an asset to Concordia University Wisconsin athletically and academically.

DO continue established family relationships with friends and neighbors. Contact with sons and daughters of these families certainly are permitted as long as they are not made for recruiting purposes and are not initiated by Concordia University Wisconsin's coaching staff members. You are permitted to play "pick up" basketball or softball games, continue neighborhood picnics or backyard barbecues and engage in your normal activities with prospects and their parents who are family friends. Again, you simply are not permitted to attempt to recruit the prospect or discuss the Concordia University Wisconsin athletic program.

DO feel free to attend a public event (i.e. a high school awards banquet or dinner) at which prospects are in attendance. No attempt should be made, however, to recruit the prospect.

DO send to the CUW coaching staff any newspaper clippings or other information about the prospects which you think would be of interest. Your assistance in this way is very helpful. The coaching staff will then make the contact with the prospect


· Have made a financial contribution to the athletic department or an athletic booster organization

· Have been requested or assisted the athletic department in the recruitment of prospective student athletes

· Have assisted or are assisting in providing benefits to enrolled student athletes or their families

· Are involved in promoting CUW's athletic program

The NCAA stipulates that once you become an "athletic representative" you retain that identity forever, even if you no longer contribute to, or are involved with, the athletic program.


If you have knowledge of improprieties, intentional or unintentional, please let the Athletic Department know immediately so that we can take corrective action.


Dr. Rob Barnhill, Director of Athletics (262) 243-4404 or

Stacey Brunner-Jones, Senior Woman Administrator (262) 243-4492 or

Two final reminders:

1) Please contact the athletic department for NCAA rules interpretations.
2) Remember that in most cases: CONTACT IS PROHIBITED.